Helping our schools by increasing student literacy. – Part 3

Introduction One possibility for helping to change schools is to create a literacy epidemic of the type reported in Malcolm Gladwell’s book “Tipping Point” which was described in the last blog (Blog #105). Gladwell points out that certain environmental circumstances must prevail along with specific types of individuals for an epidemic to occur. The Requirements […]

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What Can We Do To Make Our Schools Work? – Start Small – Part 2

Introduction Public education is huge. It is the 800 pound gorilla in the room. Considering K- 12 education alone, here are some recent facts from the U.S. Dept of Education.  55+ million students including  15+ million special needs students taught in  132,656 schools in  14,000 school districts by 3,800,000+ teachers at an average salary of […]

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What Can We Do To Make Our Schools Work? – Part 1

Introduction Virtually everyone has an opinion about our educational system and especially what is wrong with it. Many of the opinions are based more on emotion and frustration than on hard facts and proven research. These discussions crop up in almost every imaginable situation. As we become involved in such discussions it is useful to […]

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Science Delayed is Science Denied By Michael Maloney

In 1997, Dr Cathy Watkins published her monograph, Project Follow Through. The abstract reads; Project Follow Through, originally conceived in 1967 as a social action program to extend Head Start into the primary grades, became an educational experiment aimed at finding effective methods of teaching disadvantaged children. Follow Through, in effect, created a national learning […]

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