Successfully Teaching Children at Risk of School Failure in the Quinte area since 1979

208 Front St., Belleville, ON
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A Bit of History

In 1979, Michael Maloney founded QLC Educational Services in Belleville, Ontario, Canada. Initially the Centre provided after-school tutorials either to enhance giftedness or to resolve learning difficulties. It continues to produce consistent academic gains for both children and adult learners through the use of three powerful technologies - Direct Instruction, Behaviour Management and Precision Teaching. Learn more about the QLC learning model.
It has always been Michael Maloney's philosophy that "if the student didn't learn, the teacher didn't teach." He has made it his personal mission to ensure that every one of his students succeeds. So far he has been an unqualified success.

Our services include:

Currently, QLC is also offering One on One tutoring click here for more details!

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