Part of what makes writing hard for students is their inability to spell words correctly – and no, Spell Check is not sufficient unless paired with a dictionary.

Your child will learn:

  • That most words are made up of small easy to learn parts, usually five or fewer letters
  • That there are rules for joining the word parts -16 of them in fact
  • That the rules are easy to learn
  • That using the rules allows them to spell a large number of words not in their spelling list
  • That they can take words apart to be sure that they used the rules correctly
  • That writing assignments are a whole lot easier to do when you are a good speller
  • That they will last much longer than their peers in a classroom spelling bee
  • That their assignments will be given better grades

"If your child is having problems at school, run, don't walk to QLC Educational Services. It was miraculous for our son."